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Extreme Storm


Climate Impact Planning

Uncertainty is the enemy of business leaders. How do you strategize and plan when you don't know what will happen next? Our climate crisis is a wicked problem that guarantees a turbulent future filled with uncertainty.

Climate touches everything. Every nation state, institution, organization, business, municipality, community, family and individual will be impacted to one degree or another. Many already have experienced wildfires, floods, extreme heat waves, powerful cyclones, sea level rise and more. And those who haven’t been impacted directly have experienced knock-on effects... which they may not realize were due to our rapidly changing climate. 

These will grow and intensify.

So how do you prepare for these impacts?

How do you know which climate effects you and your organization are likely to experience?

Climate also represents massive opportunities. Which opportunities might be attainable for your organization?

I use a strategic foresight methodology with climate risk management techniques and a deep understanding of climate science, climate adaptation and climate mitigation to help you map your climate plans.

Each organization has unique geographic locations, supply chains, in house skills and resources, intellectual property, products and services. So each has a unique climate risk profile and unique climate opportunities. I work with you to discover your climate risks and opportunities, and to strategize what to do to minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

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Working With You

Every client is unique. So every project is unique.
I want to learn about you and your climate-related business concerns.
Please drop me a line with your contact info to schedule a free half hour consult.



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