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Bob Leonard on the Climate Impacts Businesses Should Be Preparing For

Kevin Benedict is a Futurist with Tata Consultancy Services. He interviewed me for his video podcast, 'The Future of Business TV', concerning the climate impacts (risks and opportunities) businesses can expect over the next several years.

Kevin is a skilled interviewer. He came prepared. The questions are insightful and intelligent. I think my answers are too.

Tata's Reimagining the Future Series is produced by the Future of Business team, and is designed to help their clients and partners see the combinatorial effects of science, technology, digital forces, and societal factors rapidly shaping our emerging future. The series provides inspiration, strategic ideas, actionable thought leadership, and guidance to better understand the transformational journey and its implications to help business leaders reimagine and position their organizations for the future.

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05 dic 2022

The New Capitalism? What's it look like?

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